Name: Oleg V. Angelsky

Date of birth: 1957, 5 of May

Position: Director, Correlation Optics Department

Employer: Chernivtsi University, Ukraine



About me



  • Fellow, Institute of Physics (UK) (1999)

  • Fellow, SPIE (2001)

  • Fellow of OSA (2003)

  • Fellow of EOS (2014)

  • Member, Academy of Science of Universities of Ukraine (1997)

  • Recipient, Medal of Rozhdestvensky Russian Optical Society", Russia (1995)

  • Recipient, "Medal of Yaroslav Mudry" of the Academy of Science of Universities of Ukraine  (1998)

  • Recipient of the title of Honoured Worker of Science and Engineering of Ukraine.

  • Recipient of the Galileo Galilei Award for 2007.

  • Chartered Physicist of The Institute Of Physics (UK)

Field of Study:


Areas of Professional Specialization:

Rough Surfaces Characterization;

Fractal Optics;


Singular Optics

Specific Optical Science and Engineering Professional Accomplishments:

Over 300 publications in optical sciences, more than 80 in refereed archival journals. Co-author of 7 monographs.


Employment History:

1979-1982 Post-graduate student, Chernivtsi State University

1983-1985 Assistant Professor, Department of Optics, Chernivtsi State University

1985-1988 Associate Professor, Department of Correlation Optics, Chernivtsi State


1988-present Head, Department of Correlation Optics, Chernivtsi State University

1991-present Professor, Department of Correlation Optics, Chernivtsi State University

1997-present Dean, Engineering Faculty, Chernivtsi National University

Principal research accomplishments:

  • Developed method of holographic measurement of dynamic and structural characteristics of quasi-spherical Brownian particle ensembles.

  • Developed practical interference correlometry methods for characterization of rough surfaces. Method has sensitivity threshold in the tens of Angstroms.

  • Application of fractical geometry and fractal optics, along with fast polarization-interference methods, to rough surface diagnostics.

  • Investigation of referenceless holographic recording methods for fractal analysis.

  • Introduction of new approach for analysis of singularities (e.g., phase-difference vortices) in vector fields. Included in this work is the formulation of the sign principle for phase-difference vortices and the elaboration of an inteferometric technique for the analysis of s-contours and C-points in vector optical fields.

  • It is shown that the result of colouring of the beam at the output of the scattering medium depends on the magnitudes of the phase delays of the singly forward scattered partial signals. The colouring mechanism has for the first time experimentally been illustrated for a forward propagating beam through a light-scattering medium. Spectral investigation of the effects of colouring has been carried out using a solution of liquid crystal in a polymer matrix. The amplitude ratio of the non-scattered and the singly forward scattered interfering components significantly affects the colour intensity. It has further been established that the spectral content of the illuminating beam strongly influences the colour of the resulting radiation.

  • The internal energy flow in a light beam can be divided into the “orbital” and “spin” parts, associated with the spatial and polarization degrees of freedom of light. In contrast to the orbital one, experimental observation of the spin flow seems problematic because it is converted into an orbital flow upon tight focusing of the beam, usually applied for energy flow detection by means of the mechanical action upon probe particles. We propose a two-beam interference technique that results in an appreciable level of spin flow in moderately focused beams and detection of the orbital motion of probe particles within a field where the transverse energy circulation is associated exclusively with the spin flow. This result can be treated as the first demonstration of mechanical action of the spin flow of a light field.

  • A new approach is proposed for estimating the degree of coherence of optical waves. The possibility of transformation of the spatial polarization distribution in the measured spatial intensity distribution for determining the degree of correlation of superposing waves, linearly polarized in the plane of incidence, is shown.

Principal Professional Society Memberships and Activities:

  • Fellow, Institute of Physics (UK)

  • Charted Physicist of the Institute of Physics (UK)

  • Fellow, SPIE

  • Fellow, OSA

  • Fellow, EOS

  • Member, Academy of Science of Universities of Ukraine

  • Member, Governing Board of SPIE-Ukraine (1996 - 2006).

  • Founder and Chair, Ukrainian Territorial Board of the ICO .

  • Member, Advisory Committee of EOS (European Optical Society) (1996-1998 and since 2010)

  • Vice-President of Ukrainian Optical Society (1996 - 2006).

  • President of Ukrainian Society Pure and Applied Optics (since 2009)


Other Noteworthy Accomplishments in Science, Engineering, and Public Service:

  • Chair of the International Conferences "Holography, Correlation Optics and Recording Materials", "Correlation Optics" held in Chernivtsi in 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011 under the aegis of SPIE, ICO, OSA, and EOS. Scientists from 24 countries took part in these conferences.

  • Chair of the Organising Committee of the International Conference "Laser Application" held in Chernivtsi in 1991.

  • Guest Editor of the special issue of "Optical Engineering" April, V. 34, No. 4, 1995, titled as "Optics in Ukraine" (USA).

  • Guest Editor of the Journal "Advances in Optical Technologies", the special issue "Correlation Optics", 2010.

  • Guest Editor of the Journal “Applied Optics”, Special Issue “Correlation Optics” (2012)

  • Editor of 9 Proceedings of SPIE published in SPIE-Press: V. 2108 (1993), 2647 (1995), 3317 (1997), 3904 (1999), 4607 (2001), 5477 (2003), 6254 (2005), 7008 (2008), 7388 (2009), 8338 (2012).

  • Organized conferences, workshops and councils in optics of the former USSR:


    Workshop on holography, 1987

    Session of Academic Council of the USSR's Ministry of Education on the topic

    "Optical processors," 1986, 1989

    Session of Academic Council of the USSR's Ministry of Education on the topic "Laser Systems," 1988


  • Head of Council for Ph.D. Theses Defense in major area "Optics" at Chernivtsi State University, 1993-1998

  • Member of Editorial Boards for:

         Optica Applicata (since 1994),

         Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics (1998-2005),

         Ukrainian Journal of Physical Optics (since 2000),

         Journal of Holography and Speckle (since 2004),

         •Annals of the Academy of Romanian Scientists, Physics Series

          (since 2010)

  • Member, International Editorial Advisory Board of:

         Opto-Electronics Review (O-ER) (since 2007),

         Open Optics Journal (since 2007),

         SPIE Review, (2008-2011)

  • Co-editor of  Opto-Electronics Review (O-ER) (2008-2011)

  • Reviewer for:

         Journal of the Optical Society of America,

         Applied Optics,

         Optics Letters,

         Measurement Science and Technology,

         Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics,

         Optics Express.

  • Member, Committee for Awarding State Prizes in the field of science and technology in Ukraine (since 1998)

  • Scientific advisor for Ph.D. students at Chernivtsi National University

  • Faculty advisor of SPIE Students Chapter in Chernivtsi National University (since 2001)


Significant publications and patents

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Business address:

Correlation Optics Dpt, Chernivtsi University

2, Kotsyubinsky St.

Chernivtsi, Ukraine 58012


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